Third Party Batteries
Made by a company who make their own batteries within the specs of Apples own original battery.

Aftermarket? OEM? and Genuine?
What's the difference? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Quality options

If you’re confused by all of the options then please read on..

Best price

Aftermarket displays are made by a third party company who produces replacement parts only They do not produce the parts found inside of the original product. Aftermarket screens are often much cheaper despite high quality parts being almost identical.

Who should choose this?

Although this is the budget friendly option, don’t be fooled! These are great displays! Remember they still come with our ONE year warranty. We have absolutely no problem recommending replacement aftermarket displays as we only use carefully selected manufacturers that we have tested extensively to ensure a great quality repair.

Best of Both

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturers the parts for the company you purchased your phone from. OEM displays are produced by the same manufacturer as a “genuine” display and are just as reliable as genuine parts due to being produced in the same factory to the same specification . Exactly the same as a “genuine” screen except for tiny brand markings on the backside of the screen which aren’t visible to the user anyway.

Who should choose this?

These displays are the same as the original/genuine display just without the brand markings. Anyone who wants the best of both should go with this option

Best Quality

Genuine displays, just like OEM displays are created by the same manufacturer but also carry the brand markings.They are made for and used by the company for production of their devices.They are more expensive than aftermarket and OEM parts but they provide the best reassurance of quality and reliability.

Who should choose this?

These are 100% genuine displays. They’re the same display used by the company for production of their devices. If you won’t settle for anything less than original, this is the option for you.

But what about LCD and OLED

Technology options

LCD and OLED are different technologies that make a difference to price and features.

Older Technology

Being an older technology, the cost to produce a LCD panel is cheaper making them more affordable.LCD panels use a backlight to illuminate pixels. When the screen is on the entire screen is lit which uses more battery than an OLED display which lights pixels individually.You can replace an OLED screen with a LCD screen allowing you to save money. You may notice a small decrease in battery usage time and that some colours aren’t as vibrant.

Newer technology

OLED is a newer technology which is why the cost to produce an OLED panel is more expensive than LCD screensOLED panels light pixels individually instead of using a backlight this allows them to be more efficient, giving you extra battery usage time and deeper more vibrant colours.OLED panels are slightly thinner than LCD panels and have smaller bezels however the difference is minimal allowing OLED screens to be replaced with LCD with little visible difference.