Third Party Batteries
Made by a company who make their own batteries within the specs of Apples own original battery.
Terms and conditions
Lifetime Warranty
We hope the terms of our warranty are nice and easy to follow. If you do have any questions please get in touch, we'd be happy to explain.
What is covered under my iScreen Man warranty?
Inherent defects with the parts installed only will be covered under warranty.
What is not covered under my iScreen Man warranty?
Any device that has been reopened, accidentally damaged, or water damaged will not be covered under warranty. Any software related issues and/or any loss of data will also not be covered under warranty.
What to do if you experience a fault?
Contact us immediately and take care to make sure you do not damage your phone.


Further terms are defined below.
Providing non of the terms listed under ``Exclusions`` apply to your claim and the terms set out in ``Your part`` are met, iScreen Man will:
  • Provide a 30 day warranty on the replaced parts only 
  • Extend the original 30 day warranty to lifetime warranty on eligible items. (clearly labelled on product page)
  • Provide the customer with a unique warranty number upon completion of the repair with instructions to activate their lifetime warranty.
  • Replace any eligible, previously repaired or replaced parts free of charge under their respective warranties.
  • Provide a free “come to you” service at a location of your choosing upon the first claim being made. 
    • The location must be within our working area. 
    • Any subsequent claim will incur a small variable call out charge based on the location of the repair.
In order to qualify for lifetime warranty the customer must:
    • Purchase a qualifying lifetime item (will be stated in the products description)
    • Activate their warranty within 30 days.
    • Notify us of any issue and allow us to inspect the issue before any damage occurs.
    • Take all steps to secure their data.
The customer can NOT make any claim for:
  • Any part that was not part of the original repair.¹
  • Any part that was already damaged before the repair.²ᴬ
  • Any part that was not replaced by us but was related to the original repair if the part in question was unable to be tested before the repair could commence due to the phone being inoperable or otherwise inaccessible.²ᴮ
  • Any device that incurred any damage as a result of user misuse or negligence on a date after your repair with iScreen Man.
  • Any other fault which may be the result of impact, water damage, user misuse or negligence.
  • Any part that has since suffered damage before either (a) a fault was reported to us or (b) a fault was able to be verified by us.³
  • Any device that has had further repair work carried out by any other person or service on a date after your repair with iScreen Man.
  • Any device that has had its uniquely numbered internal “void warranty” sticker either removed or tampered with.
  • Any device that has “lit” internal water damage indicators even if it was before your repair with iScreen Man.
  • Any software related issues.
  • Any loss of data.⁴ ⁵

¹ᴬ – If the faulty part was not moved or removed during the repair we will not consider it to be part of the original repair. ²ᴬ – If the part was damaged prior to our repair and is then made worse during its removing it will not be covered under the warranty. For example, cracks to the screen which crack further upon its removal.  ²ᴮ – If we are unable to verify a part worked prior to the repair. For example, if your Wi-Fi isn’t functioning correctly but we were unable to test the function due to it being inaccessible to us. ³ – If your repaired or replaced part develops a technical fault but before we have had chance to verify the fault damaged was caused to the phone. ⁴ – The customer is responsible for making sure all data is backed up before the repair date. ⁵ – No data is ever accessed or copied by us at any time. We take no responsibility for loss of data.